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Firstly - we are not selling anything. This is about promoting a method, not a product.

You will need a tournament style ski boat - with a mid mounted engine and ski pole forward of it.

You will also need to make 2 flags and figure out how to mount them to the decks of your boat - MORE INFORMATION ON THIS COMING IN DUE COURSE.

The flags are mounted to the decks of your boat in locations which are where the ski rope would touch if a skier was going through a standard slalom course.

At the heart of the system is a template to measure the correct angles and where to place the flags on the boat deck -
The skier's pass starts when they cross the wake...and is completed when they touch 6 flags and back to the wake within a pre-determined time (the boat observer / judge operates the stopwatch and counts the score). For example to simulate a 24mph / 40 kph pass - the skier must touch 6 flags within 24 seconds..and at the other end of the scale a 36 mph / 58 kph pass is simulated by touching 6 flags in 16 seconds.

Rope shortenings are simulated by moving the flags further forward on the boat's deck to accurate positions using the template - making the angle wider and therefore the skier's job harder (cutting to the the same measured angle they would do if they were on a short line in the course). If you actually shorten the rope too the skier feels the same dynamics.

A basic rule book can be DOWNLOADED HERE
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