Mark Fletcher - Lead Vocals

Our Freddie was the front man of Queen tribute band "Galileo" back in the 90's and has since wowed audiences all over Europe with his solo show and his natural and uncanny "Freddie-ness". See more photos of our Freddie here...
Tony Hogg - Drums and Backing Vocals

Formerly the drummer with "Galileo", Tony is a Queen obsessive with the drumming chops to match. Don't challenge him to a Queen trivia competion....even the real Queen probably don't know as much about Queen as Tony does.
And yes.....he is the spitting image of Brian May...but he is our drummer...weird!

Andy Mullineaux - Bass Guitar

Andy lays down a tight groove and is our rock solid engine room - with all the Deacy details.

Dan Yates - Piano / Keyboards / Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals

Our proper musician who knows what all those little dots on the page mean - and he brings the average age of the band down nicely. He is too good looking though so we make sure he is at the side of the stage.
Steve Miller - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Almost can beat Tony in a Queen trivia match....but not quite. Some audiences in the North West of England may know Steve by his occasional stage name..."Sandra", for a short time with "The Houghton Weavers" (why he is known as "Sandra" is a long story....ask him in person - he loves it!).
The Band
Simon Darwin - Bass Guitar

Our original bass man - and still a great friend to QueenEsque.